Top 5 Strategic Collections for Searching (Logos Bible Software)

Here are my top 5 favorite collections for improved searching with Logos Bible Software. By searching a collection instead of your whole library, you get fewer search results to read through and better search results.
NOTE: Results may vary depending on the depth and breadth of your digital library

Search your Theological Resources:
Collection Name: 06-Systematic Theology
Collection Rule: (title:”systematic” AND subject:theology) OR title:dogma

Search your Theological Journals:
Collection Name: 06-Theological Journals
Collection Rule: subject:”Theology–Periodicals” OR title:vital OR type:journal -type:commentary -type:magazine

Searching Books with Cross References:
Collection Name: 04-Cross Referencing
Collection Rule: subject:”bible–indexes” OR subject:”Bible–Cross References” -thesaurus -lexicon

Searching for Historical Background:
Collection Name: 05-Historical Background
Collection Rule: subject:”bible–dictionaries” OR type:encyclopedia -subject:language

Search for Applications and Illustrations:
Collection Name: Illustrations/Applications
Collection Rule: subject:illustration OR subject:hymn OR subject:quot* OR subject:anecdote OR type:devotional OR title:application OR subject:application

Do you need help in creating these collections in Logos? Tools > Collections > New (Copy and paste the name and rule into the appropriate boxes)

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