Logos Bible Software 7 Training (54 Hours) with Coupon

Do you have Logos Bible Software version 7? Are you still struggling to use its full potential for Bible Study?

The LearnLogos 7 training system bundle is the most affordable, comprehensive, and effective way to learn this amazing software.

The training program will start with basics, move to intermediate training, and even teach advance topics such as syntax and morphology. Not only will you learn all the features of Logos, but even the Logos Now features are covered.

Additionally, you will learn how to study the Bible and prepare a message. There are 100 tips and tricks videos, and hundreds of short 30 second book overviews to help you learn about the books in your library as well as what book you should add to your library. These book reviews are organized by category (prayer, word studies, systematic theology, commentaries, etc.)

The training is 54 hours and includes “click, play, rewind” videos, iPad/tablet comptabilble videos, and even interactive videos that simulate the Logos program to help you “learn by doing” and ensure you learn at your pace.

There are three purchase options: download (most affordable, requires high speed internet, 24 GB of downloads),  32 GB USB Flash storage, or both. The “both option” comes in handy should you lose or break your USB, you can still download.

Here are the buy-links to these products. Save five dollars with the coupon code: FIVEDOLLARS.

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