How to Create Labels in Logos, Part 1

Labels are an exciting and fun feature in Logos Bible Software that you should know how to leverage when you study and research. Labels have two primary purposes.

First, they are quick and easy way, as the name implies, to label information quickly. Think of it as a digital post-it note. For example, I wanted to label all the Psalms with a label that describes how each Psalm is structured.

Another example would be to label Bible passages that mention specific theological themes. Labels can be anything. They help you classify and organize information.

Second, labels are searchable. This is where the real power comes into play. After I labeled all the Psalms,  I am now able to search for a specific structure. With my theological labels, I can search passages for theological themes that I labeled.

This ability to label and search is powerful but time-consuming. However, in the end, it provides incredible searching capabilities, that otherwise would not be possible.

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Be sure to tune into tomorrow for our next post on Labels, Part 2.

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