Learn how to Structure with Logos Bible Software

Free, live training with Q&A tonight at 7 PM (ET).

If you study inductively and have structured the Biblical text in the past, or have been involved with Precept ministries, you know the importance and benefits of structuring.

Structuring helps you see the flow of the text, but more importantly, enables you to discover the point of the author.

There are many methods to determine the point of the passage, but they require a knowledge of Hebrew and Greek, Grammatical Diagramming technique, and they are very involved and time-consuming.

Come, watch, and learn about an easier way.

This live webinar is sponsored by www.BelovedTruth.com and will include 1 1/2 hours of live training using Logos Bible Software to structure the Book of Jude. John Fallahee will be the trainer.

Time: Tonight, Thursday, March 5th @ 7 PM (ET)

Location: https://zoom.us/j/558487438


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