Hi! I am John Fallahee and I am passionate about Bible Study and training others to use Bible software to study the Bible.

Back in 2009, LearnLogos.com was birthed for the sole purpose of providing high quality training that was affordable.

I have been using and training individuals with Logos since 1996. I was fortunate to be employed at Logos from 2005 to 2008, after graduating from The Master’s Seminary.

While at Logos, I pioneered their online training videos for Logos 3 with the goal of making Logos easy to use. You may have tried some of them out. (Click Here)

Additionally, I traveled 120 nights a year as a conference speaker and trainer for pastors, seminaries, and individuals in the church. While on the road I was afforded the opportunity to train up pastors like John Piper, Erwin Lutzer, Mark Dever, and ministry leaders like Kay Arthur as well as train students in Ph.D. and D.Min. programs like Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Illinois or The Master’s Seminary in California, or on the road with RV Bible Study Bus in local churches.

I have literally trained tens of thousands of people through these videos, seminars, workshops, and 1-1 sessions.
I know firsthand the challenges of learning software and that’s why I created LearnLogos.com!

Other Responsibilities:

The Master’s Seminary
Training of their D.Min. Students

Knox Seminary
– Adjunct Faculty, Inductive Bible Study with Logos Bible Software

Tennessee Temple University & Seminary
– Adjunct Faculty of Distant Education Professor teaching Logos Bible Software and other Bible software tools since 2004.

Making Disciples Ministry/Rev. Shaun Moton
Training Pastors to use Logos for sermon preparation

Expositors Seminary
– Training their M.Div. Students

Proclaiming the Gospel
– Equipping and Evangelizing

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