Seasoning a Sermon with Proverbs

Proverbs is a fabulous book of practical wisdom. These golden nuggets of truth are as relevant today as when they were written on ancient scrolls, millennia ago.

When preaching, especially when sharing an application with the audience, the use of a proverb can make the application more memorable and “season” a sermon with transcendent truth.

The difficult part is how do you find the right proverb for the passage you are preaching? Admittedly, not every sermon needs a proverb, nor is there a proverb for every passage to be taught.

However, there is a handy way to check and see if a proverb could be appropriate for your passage.

Check out the following 1 1/2 minute video from the LearnLogos 7 training bundle and see how easy it is to find a pithy saying from the book Proverbs!


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