2 Minute Introduction to the Logos “Clause” Search

Searching within a “clause” or “phrase” is a helpful feature to eliminate the “False Positive.”

A “False Positive” appears on the surface to be correct but turns out to be incorrect.

This problem can happen when a verse has more than one clause, and each of the words you are looking for is located in separate clauses, rather than in the same clause.

When the words are in separate clauses, there may or may not be a relationship.

For example, there may be a passage, where there are two subjects, Jesus and Peter. The verb for praying is associated with Peter and not Jesus. So when you run the search for Jesus and praying, this passage will appear in your search results.

However, Jesus is in one clause, and the verb praying is in the second clause associated with Peter, not Jesus.
Without the ability to search at the clause level, you will get these kinds of “false positives” in your results.

These kinds of searches are less precise, and more time consuming, requiring additional review to check your results.

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