How to Make Basic Theological Observations, Part 1

There are 13 key theological themes of the Bible. They are as follows:

1) Bibliology / Bible
2) Theology / God the Father
3) Christology / God the Son (Jesus Christ)
4) Pneumatology / God the Spirit
5) Cosmology / Spiritual and Material Universe
6) Angelology / Angels
7) Demonology / Satan and Demons
8) Anthropology / Man
9) Hamartiology / Sin
10) Soteriology / Salvation
11) Israelology / Israel
12) Ecclesiology / Church
13) Eschatology / Last Things

When studying the Bible, recognizing theological themes can help you understand not only the theology of a particular passage, but help you see the big theological picture spanning all of Scripture.

Observing theology is crucial since Scripture progressively reveals God’s Revelation over time across multiple books. Having the ability to see the theological links between passages will help you think theologically, and see the unity of thought throughout both Testaments.

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Tomorrow I will show you how to create theological highlights to mark up your Bible.


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